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Large Herd Tours If you have a large group and/or none of our prescheduled dates work for you, give us a call (336.310.9713) and we can book a private haywagon tour for you. One hay wagon seats 22 adults (and a variable number of children, depending on age). Prices are irrespective of number of participants, up to capacity of each wagon. One hay wagon $350 Two hay wagons $450 Green Horn Tours These are two-hour educational walking tours geared toward those looking to broaden their knowledge of sustainable agriculture and willing to walk and talk. We do these tours for everyone from graduate students to grade schoolers, as well as homeschool cooperatives, church groups, girl/boy scouts, corporate outings and everything in-between. Led by Suzanne. The topics are of your choosing. Cost is $250 and prepayment is required to secure the booking. No refunds, but we will happily reschedule due to inclement weather. Open-Door Policy We love visitors, but please respect our work. Reverence Farms has a 24/7 open-door policy. You are to whom we are accountable, and we seek to be accessible. For your safety and the well-being of our livestock and staff, we have a few ground rules. To be a working farm with a mission, and we have to be a functional farm and business first. We can not spend time with each visitor. Our dedicated staff have packed days, and while they are happy to point you in the right direction, we don't expect them to be tour guides, so please be respectful of their time. Minutes count a lot on a livestock farm. NO PETS. We have more than a dozen dogs on the farm, and most of them are working, and the ones who aren't working still take their jobs seriously. Don't bring a dog, even in a car. It's disruptive. Stay on graveled roads with vehicles. You may walk on dirt lanes. Don't leave any gates open. We have a map at the Haw Ranch Rd. entrance that shows drivable roads and ones appropriate for foot-traffic. Please stay off the farm-vehicle only roads.

  • Tuesday: 5-8pm
  • Wednesday: 5-8pm
  • Thursday: 11am-8pm
  • Friday: 11am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-8pm
  • Sunday: 10am-2pm