On the Other Side of the Lens: The Photography of Leonard Nimoy

On the Other Side of the Lens: The Photography of Leonard Nimoy  May 1- July 15, 2015

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015), famous for his iconic on-screen role as Star Trek’s Captain Spock, was also a nationally acclaimed photographer.

Alamance Arts, Graham, NC will be hosting the career-spanning exhibition, On the Other Side of the Lens: The Photography of Leonard Nimoy, from May 1st to July 15th, 2015.

Beginning at an early age, experimenting with cameras and images as a young teenager, Nimoy went on to study photography at UCLA and later received an “artist in residence” position at the American Academy in Rome.

Leonard Nimoy’s photography is in many museum collections, including The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Judah L. Magnes Museum, The LA County Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum of New York, The New Orleans Museum of Fine Art, and The Hammer Museum.  In late 2014 Mr. Nimoy’s work was included among the greats when a selection of his photographs was part of Sotheby’s “Masters of the Medium” Photography Auction.

His work is permanently and primarily exhibited at the R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, MA.

His projects, some of which include Secret Selves, Shekhina, and The Full Body Project, were revolutionary, captivating, and influential. These communicated deeply personal themes of spirituality, self-empowerment and feminism.

“My dream concept is that I have a camera and I am trying to photograph what is essentially invisible. And every once in a while I get a glimpse of it and I grab that picture,” said Nimoy as he described his aspirations as a photographer.

Many of the photographs going on display in the Alamance Arts’ Sister Galleries are from Nimoy’s last collection, Eye Contact.

As Nimoy explained, “In this collection I am concerned with artful voyeurism. The model is given license to explore a personal experience which is often quite moving, although the photographer’s presence inescapably alters the moment. To reclaim their deepest human emotions, the subjects must turn back to the internal space and free themselves of the contact with me or my camera. It is the instant between the private and the seen, that brief affirmation of the self which I find deeply affecting and the one that I strive to capture and pass along to the viewer. “

“On the Other Side of the Lens: The Photography of Leonard Nimoy” will feature more than 50 years of his work. In addition to the Eye Contact series, other photographs that will be on exhibit come from his Early Work, Self Portraits, Black & White series, Shekhina, Classic Nudes and Dance series and Landscapes.

This exhibition of 43 photographs will be available free to the public from May 1st to July 15th 2015 at the Captain James and Emma Holt White House, 213 S. Main Street, Graham, NC. (Exit 147, Interstate 85/40). Hours are Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm.   336-226-4495.

Alamance Arts will host an opening reception on Thursday evening, April 30 from 6:30 – 8:30. The public is welcome to attend.

Please  Note, the Leonard Nimoy exhibition contains nudity.