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Company Shops Market

Address: 268 E. Front Street, Burlington, NC Phone: (336) 223-0390 Email: contact@companyshopsmarket.coop Website: http://www.companyshopsmarket.coop Dining Hours: 8am-8pm Seven days a week Meals Served: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meeting Space is available: Yes

Company Shops Market is a cooperatively owned, full-service grocery store and cafe coming to Burlington. Conscientious shoppers are ready for a conveniently located store committed to local, organic and sustainably produced food!

The vision as a community-owned grocery and gathering place is to provide exceptional food products utilizing, as much as possible, our local, small, sustainable farmers. Company Shops Market provides outstanding products to people who want to know where and how their food is raised, will provide a fulfilling workplace and shopping experience and will provide an incentive for the preservation and initiation of small, local farms thereby supporting the well-being of our entire community.

Company Shops Market operates a retail storefront open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and staffed buy a full-time, paid team of employees. It sells sustainably grown and organic produce, grocery, dairy, deli/salad bar items, bakery, bulk, meat, beer and wine and health and body care products and organic coffee bar and fresh sushi!

Features B & Clary Holt Community Room