Cedarock Historical Farm

Cedarock Historical Farm

Address: 4242 R. Dean Coleman Road, Burlington, NC Phone: (336) 229-2410, 336-570-6759 Website: http://www.alamance-nc.com/recreation/parks/cedarock-park-3/ Hours: Closed on Christmas Day. November 1-March 31: 8am-6pm. April 1-30: 8am-8pm; May 1-31: 8am-8pm; June 1-August 31: 8am-9pm; September 1-30: 8am-8pm; October 1-31: 8am-7pm Admission: Free.

Cedarock Historical Farm is the original site of the Garrett farm, dating back to the 1830s. The farm and surrounding buildings have been restored to the late 19th century, including a smokehouse, post office, corn crib, barn, and more. Livestock on the farm include sheep, goats, cattle, and a team of draft mules. The farm is located in Cedarock Park, a 500-acre nature park south of Burlington. Cedarock Historical Farm hosts Open Farm dates through the year during which the public can view the interior of the farm house and enjoy living history demonstrations of farm life during the late 19th century.

Group and school tours available Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm by reservation only.