October 27, 2017
Start Date:

October 29, 2017
End Date:

Friday & Saturday: 7:30pm; Sunday: 2pm


Studio 1 is proud to present Violet as the main stage performance for October. Violet’s music is written by Jeanine Tesori with Li-bretto by Brian Crawley. It is directed by Angela Daulton and music directed by Elijah Chester. Set in 1964 in the south during the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, Violet follows the growth and enlight-enment of a bitter, young, disfigured woman. In hopes that a TV evangelist can cure her, she embarks on a journey by bus from her sleepy North Carolina town to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along the way, she meets a young African American soldier who teaches her about beauty, love, courage and what it means to be an outsider.