Conservators Center benefit: Lions, Tigers, and Beer!

May 19, 2017
Start Date:

May 19, 2017
End Date:

Only 60 tickets at $100 each ($180 for two) for this experience, on sale March 25 at 8am.


Join us for a very special Conservators Center benefit: Lions, Tigers, and Beer! What makes this fundraiser so unique? Guests will tour the park, sampling dishes inspired by our animals; we'll have six fabulous chefs stationed near our tigers, binturongs, caracals, wolves, lions, and dingoes! These chefs come from restaurants like Greensboro's Traveled Farmer and Saint Jacques in Raleigh, so you'll definitely want to try what they have to offer. If that's not fun enough, our guests will also have the opportunity to quaff fabulous beer from local breweries such as Ponysaurus and Mystery Brewing. Lions, Tigers, and Beer will stand out this year as a great way to get to know our residents and the culinary scene in our community! All the proceeds go to the Center, so while you're enjoying delicious food, you can feel even better knowing you're helping the very animals you're watching.